Jumma Mubarak is the term which Muslims uses all around the world to greet their Muslim followers on the six days of the week called “Veneris”.

Veneris (Jumma Hosni Mubarak) is an important day in Islamic religion and has special orders by the Allah (God). There are two reasons for this; Muslims pray the Friday prayer or Jumma prayer every week and second according to the Islamic history, there have been many important events have been happened on this day.

Jumma MubarakahBlessed day Of Jumma

According to the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Jumma is a blessed day. To celebrate the blessings of Juma, Muslims greet on this day.

Countries in Middles also have their weekly holiday on Friday instead of Sunday so that the Muslims can perform the Jumma prayer in the mosque and spend their time with family. Calling it a day of joy won’t be wrong.

jumma mubarak meaning

Islamica religione momenti in historia sua, et habet diem hanc. igitur, hodie scire sit amet, that’s why we bring this detailed article for you who will help you to understand the true id est Jumma Hosni Mubarak, et quod beneficia sua non Allah Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) dixit magna dies haec.

What is Jumma?

Jumma is an Arabic word which means “Veneris”. While Jumma is an Arabic language word but Muslims all around the world uses the same term for the Friday, does not matter that which language they are following.

This is because of the Friday payer which names isJumma Prayer”. The literal meaning of Friday in the English language is the congregation.

What is Jummah prayer?

As mentioned above, Jumma is an important day in Islam because of historical events and the special prayer. This special prayer is called Jummah prayer.

This prayer has been offered every Friday instead of 2nd prayer (Zuhur prayer) afternoon in the mosque. The timing of Jumma prayer could be different in each mosque which depends on the rest of the schedule of the mosques but it usually happened at the time of Zuhur prayer. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Said:

 “The best day in the sight of God is Friday, the day of congregation”

Quran saracenos et robora visitare mosques ad orationis Veneris:

'O vos credere, qui! Cum sonitum orationis praedicatum fuerit evangelium istud in meam commemorationem Veneris cito veniat ad Deum et ad vescendum Mitto rem. Quod est optimus vobis si vos autem sciebam.' (Quran 62:9)

Et quoniam dissimilis est aliis orandi Jumma speciales orationes diei musulmanis, non est Azaan (Vocaretur orationis) sed etiam in speciali de quo ortus Imaams de libera mosques Khutbah (oratio) ante orationis Jummah

Jum’ah: The Importance Of Friday and Jumma prayer

De Veneris orationis Islamica prohiberi non potest non complere hac oratione, quae dicta essent nisi in Arabic lingua.

Multi Musulmani in terris maioritates sunt subalternatae, Imaam est in mosques et eripiet pauperem de islamica orationem ipsorum lingua ad.

Istud est ad doctrinam Propheta Muhammad intellegis quanta Sarracenis (PBUH) Et mactatum pro sua religione Islamica admonere.

Sed omnibus nationibus commune est traditum terras purus Muslim, India, Bangladesh, Egypt and Saudi Arabia do follow this.

Is Friday a holy day for Muslims?

Friday is considered the holy day for Muslims because of its importance and the messages which have been delivered by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for this day to tell its importance.

This day has not been just called blessed but also as Eid day (the day of celebration) by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). But that’s the not only reasons for calling Friday as holy.

There are many important events took place on this day due to which Muslims call the Jummah day (Jumu’ah)as a holy day. Haec certe includere certe sicut:

  • Veneris die creatus est Adam Allah misit in terra eius. Secundum islamicis daret scholarium, Et factum est in die mortis suae
  • Secundum ad doctrina Macometi, fuerit hora orationes persona suscipitur Allah
  • Jumma est quod dicitur magister in die illo una sabbatorum et in eodem modo dicitur dominus omnium mensis Ramadan est
  • Inter islamicae scolarium affirmant ex hora hac die, animarum millia sunt in gehénnam liberari
  • Secundum Ibn Majah, this day has been called as the mother of the days where Tirmidhi says that people died on this day will be saved from the punishment of the grave
Quid vis per Jumma Hosni Mubarak?
The work Mubarak is or Mabrouk is Arabic language world which means is blessed or congratulations. In the Muslim world, this word has been used to congratulate an event or day to other Muslims.

Benefits of the day of Juma

igitur, when you heard that a Muslim is saying Jumma Mubarak or Jumma Marouk to another follower, this means that he is greeting the blessings of this special day to each other. While both the Mubarak and Mabrouk are Arabic words but in non-Arabic Muslim countries,

Muslims prefer to use this word to greet the blessings of Friday to each other instead of using the word of their own local or national languages like Urdu, Hindi, English, and Turkish etc.

Some people also prefer to use other related words to greet the blessings of Friday. These words include happy Jummah, happy Jumma, happy Jumma Hosni Mubarak 2018, Juma Kareem and Friday Mubarak etc.

Jumma Mubarak dua

There isn’t any dua for the Jumma Mubarak which has been found in Quran and Hadees. This means that you do not to limit yourself to a specific dua only but you can pray anything which fit your need.

If you Google the “Jumma Mubarak dua” you will found thousands of different Jumma Mubarak dua in different languages.

Vos can vado cum aliquo illorum maxime quae tibi pro limitandi te una cum specifica Jumma mubarak duo, quod Jumma mubarak duo est usus ut salutaret Musulmanorum in tabulatis adlevatae quasi online whatsapp, Facebook, et Twitter et per SMS etc. .

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Tu potes facere Jumma Hosni Mubarak 'dua' ullo modo comprehendo certis orationis ad officialem post Veneris 2018 In te verte. Quidam mosques maxime in hoc mundo ad organize Jumma duo quam pro humana specie totus Musulmanorum.

importance of Jumma Mubarak

importance of Jumma Mubarak

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