Jumma Mubarak k'áato' 2018 Yéetel máak & Fotos

Jumma Mubarak k'áato'

Assalamu alaykum to all.
as you know,we have always new collection for you all about jumma mubarak
Bejla'e' recogemos “jumma mubarak k'áato' teechi' Kexi' utsak yéetel comparte yéetel a ba'atsil amigo,suku'un yéetel kiiko'obo'.

Bejla'e' yáax tuláakal ba'al sobre jumma mubarak…xook yéetel ts'aiko'on yéetel wetailo'ob

le k'iin ku le k'iino' ts'o'ok u asab ya'abtal, leti' le tak viernes,

Allah creada Adán.
Meenta'ab wokol le paraíso,
Ti' leti'e' bin expulsado ti'.
Yéetel u ts'ook p'isib yaan u ka'ansaj
Mix k'iin uláak' tak viernes túun.
Le súutuko' asab ch'ujuk k'iin le ken oréis tuméen... Teche' táan u t'aan
le a yaakunsmaj asab.

Some thing about pray

1: Fajar.. utia'al u jump'éel yich brilla yéetel boon
2: Duhr… for blessed Wealth.
3: Asarfor a healthy Strong body.
4: Maghrib.. for successful children
5: Isha…..for restful sleep.

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you know well praying is an amazing exchang.
you handover your worries to Allah and Allah handsover his blessings to you.
just keep praying and remember me in your prayer jumma Mubarak

Jumma Mubarak k'áato' 2018

2018 Jumma Mubarak k'áato'

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Jumma Mubarak k'áato'
K'aaba' le artículo
Jumma Mubarak k'áato'
le k'iin ku le k'iino' ts'o'ok u asab ya'abtal, leti' le tak viernes, On it Allah Created Aadam. On it,he was made to enter paradise, Ti' leti'e' bin expulsado ti'. And the last hour will take place on no day other then friday. The sweetest time of day is when you pray Because..you are talking to the one who loves you the most.


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